Jerky From Area 51

It was 2011 when we had our first experience with the extraterrestrial. It seemed as any normal night ,when suddenly, we stood paralyzed to the sight of a strange figure in front of us. Could it be? I trembled in fear playing scenario after scenario of what could happen if we chose to interact. "What is it you seek?" I bravely shouted... faintly, in the distance I heard them...

"Delicious meats", they gurgled.

Experience our intergalactic, savory jerky, that will keep your taste buds traveling galaxies to find more.

Our Story all beings... Our Story all beings...


... and how we do it!

After years of galaxy wide searching, we fumbled upon a loot of jerky, nut & dried fruit recipes, that, together create an explosive of flavor. We're proud that all of our snacks are made in the USA with only the finnest of ingrediants. Top-quality meat cuts paired with savory herbs & spices temp even the pickiest of our E.T. friends with frequent visits!


Top-Quality Cuts


Savoury Herbs & Spices


Freshest Fruit


Perfect Nuts


No extraterrestrial beings were harmed in the making of these product. We promise.